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What does TNG stand for?

This is the question we are so proud to answer and is really at the heart of who are.

TNG Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC was started out of Tom’s garage in Toppenish, WA in 1973 with a little different name as the times and licensing requirement were also different.   After Tom was honorably discharged from the Marines,  he attended Perry Tech and took on HVAC as his career choice.  As Chris, his son, became older and was honorably discharged from the Air Force, he also decided to attend Perry Tech and join his father in the family business (any old timers still remember 10 year old Chris carrying tools and supplies around for his dad?)  As Chris’s son Kolby grew older, he spent many summers and after school hours down at the shop making sheet metal tool boxes and transitions with his grandpa and riding along to service calls with his dad or grandpa (perhaps to keep him out of his mother’s hair).  He too decided after high school to begin an apprenticeship program and work in the family business. 


We are currently a father, son, and grandson working together to serve the HVAC needs of the  Yakima Valley both residentially and commercially.   

We take pride in the fact you trust us in your homes, on your farms and wineries, and in your offices!  It is our mission to keep you comfortable!

And what does the “TNG” in our business name stand for?  


“The Next Generation”


And we hope to see our business continue for many more generations.


Kolby doing inventory summer time in middle school


An old business card from the 1980's... the phone number is still the same

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